That is why I don’t look at it the same way, one great trade or one good hand can help you out, but it is about the long term. One big win does not make you the king, but rather it is about making consistent money over a longer term time frame.

The first and the biggest similarity is that in poker and in trading our income is not guaranteed. It is rather difficult to get money for a beginner. Trading and poker are serious businesses. But many people consider that these businesses can give them quick money. Many people do not understand neither mechanisms nor rules of these areas. I know many people who started trading and lose money in a couple of weeks. I know many people who started playing poker and also lose all the money. They thought that they would become rich in a couple of months. And such thoughts will not make you successful trader or player. In this regard poker and trading are very similar.

Myth 2. “You should stop when you are ahead on your money”. There is absolutely no reason to do so. If you are playing well, enjoying yourself, drawing good hands and have nothing better to do why stop? It is better to continue playing, enjoying yourself and carry on winning. On the other hand when you don't feel right about the game and things are not working out in your favour this is the time to stop and do something else for a while.

In closing, Poker Training Network looks like a solid company, that has a great product for the poker niche and also has a generous pay plan. But, contrary to what you may have been told, that has very little to do with whether you will be successful or not. What really determines whether you will succeed or not, is your ability to personally sponsor other people into your business, your ability to effectively market products and your ability to build a strong group of downline distributors. And, one of the biggest factors to accomplishing those three things is your ability to market. If you don't anything about marketing, you will have a hard time building your business. It's critical to your success that you get the proper marketing training so you can brand yourself and generate an endless flow of quality leads. Of course, you can build your business solely using old school, traditional, offline techniques but, for the average person, calling on your existing friends and family will only take you so far. If you can successfully combine effective offline techniques with the ability to generate leads online, you can very well be on your way to building a wildly prosperous business.