What Are Casino Bonuses

Usually with casino bonuses we mean first of all the welcome bonuses, also known as registration bonuses, sign up bonuses, or on the first deposit, which are certainly, together with the no deposit bonuses that we will see later, the type of bonus most sought after by gamer’s. For the uninitiated, a welcome bonus is a predetermined bonus amount that the online casino pays to the player after the player has made their first deposit at the casino. The classic welcome bonus doubles the first deposit for example, if you deposit 200 you will have another 200 bonus. These are defined bonuses of 100 percent but there are also some of 200 percent that will then go to triple, or 50 percent that will give you bonuses only half your deposit.

However, AAMS casinos also offer other types of sign up bonuses such as the one where you get a certain amount as soon as you have wagered the same amount in real money games. To explain this better with an example, you will have a € 10 bonus as soon as you have made bets for the total amount of 10. Another typical AAMS casino bonus is the one that will reimburse you for any losses you might have on the first day of registration. To have them actually available and to be able to cash them it is not enough, as deceptively told by other sites on the internet, to enter the bonus code and pay the required amount but it is necessary to meet the required wagering requirements such as first placing a certain amount of bets.

This system is to protect the casino and prevent the smart ones from withdrawing everything immediately after depositing and getting the bonus. Each casino has its own requirements, some more and some less restrictive, and you find them all described in the list. Not all casinos offer a bonus and even when they do, they will only allow you to have it once, on your first deposit . They may later offer other bonuses and loyalty rewards, but they are unlikely to be as beneficial as the first deposit bonus. No deposit casino bonuses are definitely the most popular type of bonus for players for one simple reason they are free.

In fact, as their name says, you don’t need to make deposits to get them. There are casinos that offer them without asking you for anything in return apart from registration, while others, and they are the largest amount, ask you for a little something in return most of the time they ask you to register your identity document, procedure among other things mandatory on all online gambling halls in Italy and that you will therefore have to do if you do not want your account to be closed.

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