Explore the Reasons Why Slot And Roulette Are The Most Popular Online Casino Games

If you create a list of the online casino games that are played by most number of gamblers, Slot and Roulette would appear somewhere there at the top. One reason they are so popular is because they are different from other card and table games. They represent the wheel-of-fortune that determines your luck on a single turn of the wheel. And, this is the reason why more and more gamblers love to play these two games. If you ask how these games have wheels associated with them, then let it be known that Slot has reels and Roulette has its large Wheel.

When it comes to online Slots, experts from the online gambling industry claim that it is played by the largest number of gamblers in the world. As you would learn here, the game of Slot has many variations. So, evaluate all the versions and choose the one that is best for you. Classic Single-Line Slot has a single payline, and it is the easiest of slot games to learn. Then, there is the Multi-Spin Slot that offers you many reels. In this case, you can choose to play 4, 6 or even 9 games at one time.

Multiplier Slot allows you to bet more and win more. There is a special feature known as the Wild Symbol, and if it comes on the reels, your payout gets multiplied several times. The game of Multi-Line Slot gives you a large number of pay lines to play on. You can choose to play on either 3 lines or as many as 50 lines, with the later offering you most odds of winning.

If you want to hit jackpots worth millions of dollars, then Progressive Slot is your game. This variation offers some of the biggest jackpots in online casino games. In this case, a percentage is deducted from every player’s wager and added to the jackpot. This means that the jackpot is always growing in size until it is hit by a player. This is the reason why it can grow to as much as millions of dollars.

When compared to the large number of variations in Slot, Roulette has just two versions – the Roulette Wheel and the Roulette Wheel. If you play in a traditional land-based casino, you wouldn’t be able to find both of these wheels. But an online casino can offer you both the versions.

Roulette has been traditionally termed as the “King of Casino” in land based casinos. The difference in both the versions is that the Wheel has a single zero, while the wheel has double zeros. This means that the odds of the house are 2.7% in the wheel and 5.4% in the wheel. This means that your odds of winning are higher if you play the version of Roulette.

The reason Roulette has emerged among the most widely played online casino games is because of the variations in the type and number of bets offered in this thrilling game. You would get a chance to place your bets on different combinations. So, you can bet on a single number, even or odd numbers, multiples, numbers on one or other side of the roulette board or even on colors Red or Black. In addition, you can bet on more than one of these factors. This significantly increases your odds of winning.

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