Poker Casino Card Keepers

Have you seen cardholders in poker product catalogs although not required, it is a commonly used accessory by many players. So let’s figure out what card keepers are and what they are for. Card guardians are a passive poker accessory. They are present at the table, but do not take part in the layout, this is obvious. Guardians can be of any type, size, color and be made from any material. It can be a gold-colored chip made of high-quality metal with a personalized logo or a plastic card with any pattern.

There can also be various metal or clay figurines and what can we say about inscriptions, engravings and images. Everything is limited only by the player’s imagination and taste. After all, for poker players there are no insignificant details, everything matters. What are card keepers in poker for the main task of the keepers is just to protect the player’s cards from any impact, so that they do not fall, accidentally turn over or go into a pass through the dealer’s oversight. When a player puts the keeper on his cards, he warns those gathered at the table – these are my cards and it is forbidden to touch them.

Initially, this was exactly the function that the keepers had, but over time they acquired several more important functions. I wonder which one poker omens and superstitions. All professional players are extremely superstitious. This applies to football players, hockey players and, of course, poker players. Everyone tries to have their own personal talisman for luck so that the chances of winning are maximized. That is why cardholders often become personal talismans that players never part with. Game tactics such a talisman can easily become an element of the player’s image.

You can order a bright, stylish accessory that will give you confidence and strength at the table. It is also a great distraction that, when used correctly, will knock other players out of their game. Usually they twirl it in their hands, tap it a little on the canvas, and demonstrate it to the public in every possible way. This may not be an entirely fair tactic, but in poker all means are good when a big sum is at stake. If you want to buy yourself a stylish accessory that will not only save your cards from accidental interference, but also serve as an excellent talisman for victory.

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