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Nowadays, most of the roulette takes place online in the live casino. This is a type of game that allows you to play via a live stream from either a studio with real dealers, or from land-based casinos. When you play like this, you play with other players, and there is no limit to how many can participate at the same table at the same time. In fact, this is the biggest advantage of roulette over blackjack, where players generally have to have their own space around the table so that each table can only handle seven players at a time.

Since roulette is a game where you basically do not need a croupier for anything other than spinning the ball around the wheel for each game round, at least not online, this game can be played without the dealer having to deal with each player. This is what allows you to play roulette with players who are physically present at a casino. Therefore, many land-based casinos now have cameras set up over the roulette tables, so that online players can also participate. Bets and payouts are then controlled by the online casino, but your actual gaming experience takes place at a real casino. Then play roulette at a real casino, via an online casino.

European Roulette is what we Norwegians consider ordinary roulette, and it is the rules for this version that we have included in this article. Played with 36 pockets in addition to 0. The game has an advantage to the house of 2.70%. American Roulette is very similar to European Roulette, with the exception that it is played with a wheel that has 38 fields, as there are two green fields. This means that the house’s advantage is about twice as high as in editions where there is only one green field. This is increased to 5.26% in American Roulette. By all means avoid the game monster where you bet on 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3. This game has an advantage to the house of astronomical 7.89%.

French Roulette is the version that is best for the player, since the house advantage is only 1.35% with bets on outcomes that pay 1 to 1. By using the rules La Partage or A prison you can win back all or half of the bet. Double Ball Roulette is played with two balls of equal. Here your chances of winning are the same as in regular roulette, but the game goes faster with two results per round. However, you risk losing faster than usual, and in some cases you also have to win on both bets to win. Lightning Roulette. An exciting version of live roulette from Evolution Gaming where lightning strikes in random outcomes. This causes some numbers to have a multiplier each round. If you have always wanted to be able to win big in roulette, this will be the table for you. This is also one of the most popular games in any live casino.

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