Payment Method at a casino

The choice of payment method is most often made according to the habit. If you usually pay for your purchases made online through a credit card, you may also need to dig up the card IDs when you deposit at the casino. There is nothing wrong with a habit, but with a little familiarity with it, you may come up with other thoughts. Those who play a lot and enjoy different casinos can benefit in the long run by choosing their payment method smartly. Below we compare different payment methods with a few different criteria – they include, for example, reliability, cost, ease and prevalence in casinos. You can also find more information about a few popular payment methods on our payment method-specific pages.

Traditional casinos, which require registration, usually have a relatively wide range of payment methods. Of all the categories below, there is usually at least one option available, i.e., in practice, credit cards, an online wallet, and perhaps a mobile payment. Some of the largest international online casinos offer all the payment methods found below, where, for example, smaller casinos intended only for Finns often offer a slightly more stripped-down selection with only a few ways. Almost all online casinos that require registration accept Visa or MasterCard as payment methods. Either of these cards can also be found in the pockets of almost every Finn, so it is no wonder that money transfers made with credit cards are very common in casinos. American Express and Maestro are a little less familiar at online casinos, but some of the largest casinos also accept these for deposits and withdrawals.

Credit cards are a secure method of payment, as in addition to casino security, they offer their own security (e.g. Verified by Visa). However, the hedges may even go so far that some of the new cards are set to block money transfers to casinos. However, this feature can be turned off through the online bank connected to the card. On the downside, credit and debit card payments often incur additional charges, which can be in the order of 3%. However, an even more common downside is the slowness of repatriation. After accepting the withdrawal request, withdrawals made to credit cards will not reach your account until after 2-5 days.

Bank transfers are another popular way to transfer money at online casinos. The best side of a bank transfer is its simplicity, as you do not need to register with any external service or order additional cards to make a bank transfer. Some casinos allow you to make a bank transfer directly without intermediaries, while others use the Trustly or the Euteller for bank transfers. Also, Zimpler, which previously mediated mobile payments on invoices, is now a method of transferring money with online banking IDs like Trustly.

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