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Slots are an extremely popular pastime. Or rather, they have been extremely popular, for a long time. Speaking realistically, there is nothing to be wondered at here, as the idea of winning big is usual with humans. The history of slots is a tale for itself. Credited with the invention of the first slot machine is Charles Fey, a San Francisco mechanic. Fey named his invention the Liberty Bell, after one of the symbols it featured, others being hearts, diamonds, horseshoes, and spades. The Liberty Bell was invented in 1895. It was sufficiently successful for Fey to open the first slot machine factory, but it became widely popular only in 1940, when the Flamingo Hotel staff included the Liberty Bell to their casino. From then on, slots have been gaining in popularity. Today, they generate two thirds of the total US casino revenues.

Slot machines have evolved too many variants, but the game play remains intact. Modern slots have three to nine reels and more money lines than the original (no doubt in order to make you invest more money). The two basic ones are classic (three reels and five money lines) and progressive slots (up to nine reels and any number of money lines).

A classic slot machine resembles the Liberty Bell. It usually has five symbols, which may vary. It is even more popular than progressive slots, and the reason is due to the simple fact that there are fewer outcomes (especially if compared to progressive slots). Less reels, symbols, and money lines mean fewer combinations. Pretty simple, if the maximum amount is wagered, the jackpot is a nice one.

Online slots are, more or less, the same as land-based ones. Video slots are quite popular, especially those with five and seven reels and multiple payout lines. Note that the odds of winning are predetermined. They won’t change regardless of your actions. Land-based slots have number generators that determine the odds. Online slots’ odds are determined by software solutions- Still, some strategies might help you increase the odds, and there are some software solutions boasting of being able to predict the outcome, should all the steps be respected.

We have selected the best online slots sites on the web for your convenience. All of them – licensed, tested, and risk-free. Make sure to read terms and conditions of your chosen site to maximize your online slots experience. Then, have fun and win big!

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