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Yes, it’s a bonus that the gaming company Comeon has right now and it’s because of occasions like this that we think you should follow us. And that is the reason why many follow us. That we can suggest such really good bonuses so you can play for more money than you deposit yourself. If you want to play for SEK 1,500 but only have SEK 500, this is the dream location. If Comeon is not in place one to five above, you can always pick up the bonus on the home page. You just click on the logo at the top. So visit it and see what we mean. You can play at both betting and online casino and this bonus is perfect for the World Cup and where you can play for more than you deposit.

The best casino right now is our guide where we produce the best casino for this year by going through statistics. We see where most of our visitors have registered after reading our guides about casino and then we have taken out the 3 most popular for this year and then sorted them according to which casino has the best rating and rating of these. In this way, our best in the test goes to and that is how we take you to the best casino as well. We offer casino offer as a bonus. For the first time you have become a customer of the gaming companies since EVER or since 1 January. Depending on how the gaming company has done with it since the new Swedish gaming licenses. So look carefully at what applies to the particular gaming company you want to play with.

An important thing that not many people think about unfortunately is that one should choose a security casino. We always check the list regularly to ensure that all casinos are safe. So you should know that we tried to play on everyone and saw that they have SSL-cert among other things. Casino online is the guide where we take out all online casinos to one and the same list. We list both online casinos and casinos that you can go to physically, but in this list we have picked out those who have their business online as well. That is, so-called online casino. What we do is that we try to create content together with our visitors and create a site where we can all get something out of visiting because we love to play for money online online and then especially at online casinos online.

Time is money as it is usually called. You see all the headlines already here so you can get to them by clicking on the links. You already see where we write about online casinos and new casinos for example. In the chapter Tips on other guides about Casino that you are now on, we simply suggest other guides that we have written on the subject and that we really think you should read if you are interested in winning money at online casinos.

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