Mobile payments

More and more are playing at an online casino via a mobile device. In this case, mobile payments are a convenient and natural option, although of course there are other means of depositing money and withdrawing money with the help of a mobile phone. Mobile payments are handy especially when playing on a mobile phone, but their weakness is a relatively heavy expense compared to many other money transfer methods. Withdrawals are not possible with mobile payment methods either, ie winnings must be received through a bank account.

Currently, the most popular mobile payment method in casinos is Mobile. The advantage of Mobile is ease, as deposits made through it are added directly to the phone bill. Prior to this, a player can transfer money to their Siru Wallet by calling a toll-free number. The third way to make mobile payments is the service, through which you can transfer money from your own bank account via the mobile application. The recipient only sees the phone number on the transfer, not the bank account number. Online wallets are very popular payment methods at casinos. The good thing about them is the speed of withdrawals as well as the cheapness, as in many cases no expenses are added from the casino side to money transfers made with online casino wallets.

Online wallets need to be registered and opened before use, which may seem a bit cumbersome. In addition, deposits made through an online wallet do not usually qualify for deposit bonuses. Neteller and Skrill are both popular online wallets, and they are both accepted as payment methods at almost all casinos as well as online stores, for example. In practice, Neteller and Skrill are used like a debit card. For an additional fee, the user can in fact order a prepaid card attached to these wallets. Other popular online wallets include Much Better and Eco payz. They work much like the online wallets mentioned above, but Much Better may a little more often also be suitable for redeeming casino bonuses. PayPal is also accepted as a payment method in some casinos, but it is not very often seen on Finnish gaming sites. However, many already use PayPal to make online purchases, so PayPal casinos are already popular because of their payment method.

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