Introduction to Roulette Betting

When the modern game of roulette casino first appeared in people tried to invent a system that would be able to predict the outcome of roulette casino and that would help them break into the casino by winning a big session. Before we get into the roulette casino betting systems out there, let us quote one of the smartest people to ever live on this earth, who told anyone who tried to beat roulette casino that no one he can possibly win at roulette casino, unless he steals the money from the table while the croupier is not looking.

One of the reasons that many experts claim that roulette casino betting systems do not work is that roulette casino is designed as a game of negative expectations, it is a game that over time will always bring positive results for the casino. From a purely mathematical point of view, it does not matter how much you bet or the way you bet or for how long you bet; the overall outcome of the game will have a negative expectation. For the hundreds of years that roulette casino has been played around the world, no one has been able to build a betting system that can prove to work in the long run.

The main reason that betting systems fail to guarantee that they can beat the roulette casino wheel is that the numbers have no memory. Each rotation of the roulette casino wheel is independent and is not affected by previous spins and does not affect the upcoming spins. As proven by the casino industry that it stands strong and continues to collect big profits. People who believe that the previous results have nothing to do with the upcoming results, suffer from what is commonly referred to as player error. This leads them to believe that the game is prone to certain predictions although they are designed to favor the bank and are based entirely on independent testing.

The online casino game players mistake is best explained by an example: suppose you toss a coin for letters. After spins of the coin we have 6 times corona and 24 times letters. What is the probability that we will have a corona in currency spins. The probabilities are exactly the same as in the first rotation and are mathematically expressed. Players who use roulette casino betting systems believe that betting on a particular pattern will help them lower their rake and win the casino after a large number of spins. There are many different betting systems and they include progressive and backward systems. Gunslinger reloaded also has a jackpot, of course train robberies belonged to the west.

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