Free spins

Free spins come from everywhere and their number has grown really a lot in recent years. Whereas we used to get a few rounds to try out the casino, now there are up to hundreds of them to play. It is one of the most popular bonus forms in online casinos and they are used to gain new customers and introduce new slot machines. For us, these rounds represent one part of the online casino culture that is welded into an intense part of gaming. We have been following market developments for a long time and to our delight we have noticed the development of this bonus model.

Nowadays, just the basic spins are no longer distributed, but some online casinos give real spins, or free spins. They are a direct result of fierce competition and we will go into it in a moment. Many players take the attitude that they are only rounds given with a minimum bet, and the amount of money they bring is not large. This is on the wrong track, as all rounds bring in the same proportion of winnings and free play money is always free play money. At least we don’t despise a small casino bonus, because everything is home.

We have discussed the development of casinos on these pages on several occasions and it has also affected free spins. This familiar bonus form has evolved really a lot and has taken on new forms. The best casinos always give free spins with no deposit and even without a spin requirement. These are especially evident in the campaigns of new casinos, when they hit the broom in the throats of old players. When one enters a new bonus model, competitors often follow suit and this inevitably results in an improvement in the position of the players.

The overall impact is surprisingly large if casinos give free spins without the need for a spin. The player is allowed to keep all winnings and no recycling is required at all. These amazing welcome bonuses are available in several places. Actively follow our pages so you know where. We’ve taken a closer look at this bonus format and sorted their types below. You can check out these great bonuses that will make our players happy many times during their online casino customer relationship. We are raising new casinos to a significant role in this change, as with their advent, everyone has changed their bonus terms, as well as improved their promotions.

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