Different Versions of roulette

As mentioned, Lightning Roulette is basically a standard European roulette based on its rules and betting options. The only difference is practically the Winning Odds brought by the flash function and a slightly different payable. However, Lightning Roulette stands out from the crowd of online roulette with its spectacular look and fast pace! Other types of roulette include, for example, American roulette , which has two zeros instead of one zero, and the numbers are in a slightly different order on the perimeter. This small change raises the house advantage considerably and is not so advantageous to the player. French roulette is otherwise similar to European roulette for its game wheel and bet, but it has a couple of different rules.

For example, there is the En Prison rule, according to which a player’s bet can be “captured” in a round with a zero result, and the player has bet on some 1: 1 result (for example, a black or odd number). If the next round results in the result originally bet by the player, the player wins back his bet. Online casinos more commonly use the La Portage rule, which is otherwise similar to the rule described above, but in this case, the player automatically loses half of his bet and gets half back in such a situation. At stone foot casinos, French roulette are handled by as many as three gamblers instead of on.

e! Of course, at online casinos, this does not affect gaming in any way. One roulette that differs from Lightning Roulette is Double Ball Roulette, which, as the name implies, has two balls instead of one. After all, these knows double the chances of winning and through it even more excitement! There are certainly several different types of roulette to suit everyone.

According to the casino master, Lightning Roulette is a great masterpiece from Evolution Gaming, whose games are always executed with amazing professionalism. However, don’t let the stunning black-and-gold look obscure your judgment, but keep your head cool as you play this fast-paced game! The player should think carefully about which betting option to use. Keep in mind that straight up bets bring in smaller wins than in regular European roulette unless you manage to win with a lucky number. The winning odds brought by a lightning strike can, of course, raise the winning amounts to staggering readings, but the variance of the game is very high. Therefore, I would recommend this game mainly to cold-nerved players, whose patience and bankroll are far enough when chasing big wins.

Otherwise, I would give the game a commendable rating, but the return percentage will be a bit of a minus. The reported payout percentage is relatively high, but the flash feature encourages players to bet on only one number, as that is the only way your winnings can get a wild 500x odds. As a result, the tactics used by most players have a much lower return rate than reported, which is a bit misleading. Admittedly, as a gaming experience, Lightning Roulette is so fun and exciting that everyone should try it at least once.

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