Casino with BankID

BankID is a type of e-identification that has the banks behind it. With the help of this technology, you can not only log in to your bank but you can also identify yourself with authorities, in digital mailboxes and – just that – at the casino. There are two variants of BankID. One on file that means you can log in to a specific device, e.g. a computer where you have the file saved. Another variant that is much more popular is the mobile e-identification, Mobile BankID. With it, you enter your code in the mobile phone every time you need to confirm something. It means one and the same code no matter what it is you want to do. It has become increasingly popular to play online. A while ago, the new Swedish gaming law came and then suddenly all Swedish casinos that were licensed became legal.

In addition to providing several benefits such as increased security and transparency, it meant that you can now use BankID to log in. Before, you always had to register by hand when you started playing on a new gaming site. Quite often, this meant that you had to submit some form of ID document. Now BankID replaces this whole complicated process and makes it easy to log in. You simply go to the casino you intend to play at. When you click on to start playing, you get to make a first deposit. You confirm with your e-identification and vips and you are in! You barely have time to blink and the casino has registered you completely automatically.

As you can see, we are absolutely convinced that Bank ID casino is the right tune. There are many benefits. We mentioned that it is fast. It is also very safe. As I said, the banks are behind the technology and it will take a long time before someone unauthorized manages to get in. Because it is quick to start playing, you can try out many different gaming sites. This allows you to take advantage of all the welcome bonuses on offer. If you win money, it is much easier to withdraw it if you have a BankID. You can withdraw the money using the same method as you deposited it and avoid the hassle of identifying yourself with a driver’s license or ID card.

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