Paying too much attention to 1 good trade can make you arrogant and paying too much attention to 1 bad trade can make you feel like you can’t make money. Kenny Rogers was right on the money when he said “You never count your money when you’re sitting at the table.”

In trading and in poker we have to deal with probabilities. But probabilities in poker can be counted. Though your estimation of poker probabilities is based on insufficient information you can decide whether your actions are profitable or not. It is difficult but it is possible.

Myth 3. “When playing poker you must keep your poker face on at all times”. You can be as animated as you want as long as your actions do not show the strength or weakness of your cards.

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8. Winners never stop learning. Just like musicians never stop practicing winning poker players carry on improving their knowledge and strive to get more information about poker strategy, physiology and tactics. They study their own play, the play of their opponents and continuously analyse the research to improve their game. There are unlimited resources available for you in the poker books, in online poker reviews and articles and there are plenty of poker blogs around to improve your game.

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- Anything inspiring should be also added. Something that would support your motivation and helps maintain positive attitude always will help in achieving long-term goals.

Limit poker is a WHOLE different ball game. You can have as little as 400 big blinds in your account because you will be risking less for each buy in and the variance is smaller. In limit holdem it is usually impossible to lose your stack on one hand from a cold deck, unlike NLHE.